Wood Boiler Heat Exchanger

Adiabatic wheel Heat Exchanger

Another kind of exchanger is adiabatic wheel heat exchanger. This exchanger is used to transfer between intermediate fluid and solid. This type of heat exchanger makes use of transitional fluid and solid during its heat transfer processes. Adiabatic wheels consist of a large wheel together with very delicate threads that rotate through the cold and hot fluids, and the two fluid heat exchangers. This enables the efficient heat transmission between the two fluids.
Adiabatic wheel heat exchangers might be created that chemical effects or energy creation processes can be done inside them. The exchanger then becomes a vital part of the reaction system and may be known, for example, as a nuclear reactor, catalytic reactor or polymerizer. Heat exchangers generally employed only for the transfer and useful removal or recovery of heat without an accompanying stage change. The fluids on the both sides are mostly liquids, still they may be gases such as steam, hydrocarbon vapors or air or they are may be fluid materials like mercury or sodium.

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